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After much happy time spent listening to music via Roon in my main listening area, and in two auxiliary listening areas, one instance of Roon stopped recognizing its associated DAC. It no longer appears in Audio Setup.

roon dac

The same DAC is recognized by the Macintosh on which it is installed it is listed in the system profile and, in fact, system sounds play through it, and another music application Audirvana sees the DAC and plays through it without difficulty. I have tried rebooting, resetting, and deleting and reinstalling Roon, to no avail. I tried another DAC on this same setup and, like the first, the computer and software other than Roon have no problem playing sound through it.

Have you any ideas on how to solve this problem? Screen Shot at 5. Having seen this suggestion mentioned in the community, I have already tried disabling firewall protection.

This had no effect. Both the S. Neither is now seen by Roon running in this instance. Please see the following steps:. Please also confirm the name of the machine that is affected. The steps have been followed.

The name of the machine in question is Mac Mini Jeff Office. Now that I have the timestamps, diagnostics have been enabled on your account. The next time your Core is active a diagnostics report will automatically be generated and uploaded directly to our servers. This does not exist on this system. Screen Shot at Log into your Roon account. De-authorize the Exasound core This is reversible. In the interest of speed I recommend not importing your music folder or signing into any music services.

During the setup process you should be presented with a screen displaying all of the discovered audio devices on your network. Your connected DACs should appear in this screen.

roon dac

Yes, signing out of my Roon core, and assigning the auxiliary computer as Roon core, results in the DACs in question to be seen in the audio setup screen, and everything appears as normal.

This is interesting; now what?!Hi, I am running Roon 1. I have tried to download Roon again re install it without success. Every other app works as normal. Any suggestions? Skjermbilde kl. An expanded description of your current setup as seen here. Please verify if you have any active firewalls or antivirus applications currently active in your setup.

Once the computer comes back online please confirm that the devices are no longer visible in Roon. Roon 1. Moving forward, I would like to grab a set of logs from you so our techs can have a closer look into what could be going on here.

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Please follow the instructions found here on how to send us the logs. Furthermore, after the logs have been upload I would like to have you temporarily test with a fresh install to see if things stabilize with a fresh DB in place.

Please follow the instructions found below. We greatly appreciate it! Moving forward, my teach team has requested the following to help aide in their evaluation of this issue:. Very appreciated!

roon dac

My report has been updated with these materials and is now back with our tech team who will continue their evaluation of this behavior. Once I have some feedback, I will be sure to provide an update accordingly.

Moving forward, our tech team has reviewed all of the provide materials thank you again and are seeing that RAATServer is starting up in your logs as expected as well as noting that nothing seems out of the ordinary in regard to the plugins you have.

Which are all good signs. I had another user this morning report almost the same exact issue and they confirmed that their AV app had taken an automatic update that changed some settings which caused the problem.

Apologies for sounding like a broken record, but may I very kindly ask you to confirm one more time that there are no active firewalls or antivirus application currently active on this device.

No Audio Output Support.Can anyone tell me what DAC does work seemlessly? Going to ditch my Node 2 for something that does more than claim Roon Ready. I would love to know this as well. There seems to also be the added complication of US and UK specific hardware.

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I already have a decent setup and want to add a Roon endpoint with MQA decoding to give Roon and tidal masters a try. Ok, so now I understand raat, thank you for that. This leads me down the Roon Ready partners and the one that jumps out the most is the Bluesound node 2. But reading about those issues, what are the similar alternatives?

A cheap interim solution is the Meridian Explorer 2. I use it with a Raspberry Pi 3 powered by RoPieeeprimarily with headphones. Carl…i can certainly give my vote for the Lumin family of Network Players.

Does this sort of setup allow Roon to control the sound? That looks to be the perfect solution, very nice find! Will it become Roon Ready certified though? Carl, no thanks for moving my post which was intended for the BlueOS community. Otherwise good folks like me are following the well intended advice of good folks like you and spending hard earned money only to be disappointed. Mytek Brooklyn fed by RPi? Is there an option that does not require a transport?

MQA and Bluesound. Carl 20 August 2. I know of several pretty pricey options. Ockingshay 20 August 4. Carl 20 August 5.

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Ockingshay 20 August 6. Hi Carl, thanks for the reply. Ockingshay 21 August 7. This should be a lot easier than it currently is! Carl 20 August 9. Ockingshay 20 August Ockingshay 21 August Carl 21 August Knowledge Base. Sound Quality Overview Roon is built from the ground-up to produce extremely high-quality output, however Roon works differently from other software, so you may not be able to drop it into an existing setup and get the same results immediately.

Like most things in the world of Computer Audio, it takes some tuning before everything is just right. Roon is no exception. This page contains our official advice for maximizing the sound quality that you obtain from Roon. Make sure that you are using [[Exclusive Mode]] output. If you are playing back [[! Networked outputs generally require minimal setup work in order to achieve excellent sound quality.

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One you're there, you may or may not want to experiment with enhancement features like [[DSP Engine]] or [[Volume Leveling]]. Always proceed carefully, and try to pay attention to how each change impacts what you're hearing. When it comes to DSP enhancements, less is often more. This is a tradeoff--they get to offer a simpler approach to sound quality, but they can't offer a rich user experience.

At Roon Labs, we aren't willing to sacrifice user experience or functionality at the altar of sound quality--we are determined to provide both at once.

At the same time, this is a bit of an oxymoron. A fully featured media server doing everything that we want it to do will never be as lightweight as a standalone, single-zone player application. So instead of trying to do the impossible, we've addressed this problem by changing the rules a little bit. Instead of trying to pack a lightweight media player, and heavyweight media server into a computer in your listening room, we provide the tools you need to put space between those pieces--because they really don't belong together anyways.

They don't even have to do work to decode your media files! With Great Power comes Great Responsibility Out of the box, Roon is configured to optimize for usability, and a great first run experience. These aren't necessarily the best choices for Sound Quality! This guide is here to help you get the best possible sound quality out of Roon without compromising other features.

This is possible, but it requires some legwork. Lets get started. Before proceeding, please be familiar with our [[Architecture]].

The words "Core", "Control" and "Output" will feature prominently in the rest of this document. Our Recommendations Rule 1: Core and Output on separate devices To get the best sound quality from Roon, plan for an ethernet cable between your Core and Output components.

One way to accomplish this is with a [[Roon Ready Roon partner programs]] hardware device. You can also get there by using [[Roon Bridge RoonBridge]]--our lightweight endpoint package.All was working until update.

Roon Ready is not Roon

Re-opened and tried different order of enabling. Nothing works. Sorry…forgot to say… Problem came with update from Roon 1. I also had some pending windows updates which I just completed and re-did everything all over again. UPdated firmware on NextDrive Spectra. Trying to look at their support sites to see why the Wasapi driver is working but not the Asio? Big progress However, no sound! Welcome to the forum.

Here you can find a direct link to the driver. Well, 2 things: First, I am at Roon V1. But Second!! I think it all had to do with updating or reinstalling the drivers in some order yet unknown to me. Ahhh… hate to report this. I was listening to music while working this afternoon. Shut down, went home, powered up and opened Roon. Everything is screwed up. But when output to that audio device - no sound.

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No worries, we can take another look at this issue. These symptoms sound a bit strange too me, can I request a copy of your Roon logs? Now… I get back to work and everything is working fine again! Everything works!!

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Can this have anything to do with the configuration at the time I installed drivers? Thanks for sending those logs over. Is the behavior the same if you use another USB port from the laptop? Perhaps that specific USB port has a hardware issue? Confirmed and repeatable. But at least it is working for now through the USB Hub. Glad to hear that the NextDrive is working properly though the hub! Also, if you by any chance have any other PC around the house, you could try installing Roon and connecting the DAC to the other PC and verify if it works there.Search form Search.

If you want Roon, and in my experience you do, but you're not sure of the best hardware to get, this article is for you.

We're going to go through a number of recommended Roon configurations and setups to suit your needs. Roon Server First things first. You're going to need a device to run Roon Server also referred to as Roon Core. The simplest route is to get an external USB hard drive and connect it to the computer.

In this case, you are also going to need a second drive for backup. For a very large library, you'll want a 4-bay NAS. A purpose-built Server There are a number of companies offering servers that run Roon Server. I have not reviewed any, yet, so this is a list of current product offerings I'm aware of.

Since Roon Server does all the heavy lifting in terms of processing, the requirements for Roon Ready devices are lightweight. A personal computer Any modern computer will do. Note that many of these devices also offer digital output for use with an external DAC. Note that you can control playback for every Roon Ready device on your network from any Roon remote. Isolating your Roon audio devices from the rest of your network is a good, and relatively inexpensive, idea.

This way, electronic noise on the network will not get into your audio network. If you need help figuring out how much storage you need, see File Sizes and Storage.

roon dac

Log in or register to post comments. Related Latest Reviews Recommended. Computer Audio Introduction. Computer Audio File Formats. Computer Audio File Sizes and Storage. Computer Audio Fixing Your Metadata. Computer Audio NAS. Computer Audio Streaming. Sonore opticalModule Review. Linn Klimax DSM preview. Undercurrents No.Important Links Have a question about Roon? Having a problem? Frequently asked questions.

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How can I achieve the best quality output?

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More about Audio Managing Your Music Questions about editing, managing your library, metadata, and more. How can I ensure multi-disc sets and box sets are identified properly? I have multiple versions or editions of the same album, but I only see one album cover. Where are the other versions? More about Managing Your Music Navigating in Roon Questions about finding and sorting your music, and finding your way around Roon.

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What is Radio and how does it work?

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Where can I set a crossfade? More about Playback in Roon Hardware Manufacturers Questions related to a specific brand, device, or type of audio streaming. How do I use Roon with Airplay devices? How do I use Roon and Squeezebox devices together?

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