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Indochino could be a case study in what happens when you expand a new business too quickly. They reached too high, flew too close to the sun too quickly, and got burned. A brief search on the web will turn up countless horror stories about Indochino suits that fit terribly, inconsistent sizing from one order to the next, cheap materials and build quality and construction, and poor fabric choices and matching. Needless to say, before dropping a couple hundred dollars on an Indochino suit, I was nervous.

But, for the good of this site, of course, that nervousness was set aside, and to Indochino I went. The short version? Indochino has come an incredibly long way from those darker times. Their quality, fit, styling, detailing, fabrics, and more have all seen vast and tremendous improvements.

A Second Try at Indochino : The Navy Blue DB Suit

While their overall reputation and perception online is still dubious at best and downright terrible at worst, Indochino actually nowadays delivers a pretty damn impressive product, especially at the price. Yes, you have to give them a chance.

But, Indochino really will deliver a solid, solid product at a very reasonable price. Not to mention, these days, their customer service is really quite good too, and is seriously manned by stylists and people trained in fit to give you a better final product. Of all the online MTM made-to-measure suiting companies, Indochino has got to have amongst, if not the single largest, collection of fabrics.

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But they also offer stretch fabrics, beautiful plaids and checkered fabrics, cotton and linen suits, as well as richly textured weaves. And the list goes on and on and on. In some ways, they might even have too many fabrics, as it can be a bit overwhelming. For this review, we went with a beautiful dark indigo windowpane fabricand made it into a three piece suit more on that later. Though more on the value here later on in this review. There is almost a texture to it. It feels fine and soft, and super smooth.

The pattern is beautiful and unique, while still remaining somewhat subtle. This is the sort of suit that could be worn to most occasions when you want to stand out just a little bit. We went with a peak lapel, which we think adds a bit more oomph to the look of a suit, though comes down entirely to personal preference.

We also went with a vest, as we like our three piece suits, and also wanted to see everything Indochino could do. Overall, this is a super nice suit in both fabric, and design. The custom lining in the suit as well is a nice touch, and everything from the lightly padded shoulders, to the well-cut double vents in the rear, is well done. Real attention to detail is paid, and the final result is really a great looking suit. The overall design of the website is clean and simple, and easy to navigate.

Still, for a website like this that has been around for so long, you would think that they would have a better, more interactive and live design process. The way you customize your suit is literally through a series of drop-down menus.

Hopefully, this is something they are working on. It makes it not only a lot more fun to design your suit this way, but is quite helpful in picking and visualizing options. As far as options go, you do have a lot of control. You can also pick your lapel style, and how wide you would like it.So I deleted my measurements, got measured by my friend Spencer, and bought a suit on Black Friday. Save the fun patterns and fabrics for later!

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They also make the best cut of DB that allows for wide, horizontal peak lapels and a wider button placement. Like most online MTM brands, they have a bunch of customizations that you can add from pleats to contrast buttonholes.

Honestly, this does make Indochino feel cheaper since the other brands seldom do price discounts.

indochino review gq

Now most people like to discourage Indochino and online MTM since the fit is never really quite right. The ability to add extra details is also a plus! This comes into play wth the double breasted suit since no one makes them anymore; online MTM is probably the only way we can get a double breasted suit without going full bespoke! That was pretty good to me, so I jumped on it. Now I wanted a suit that was blue, but not super blue nor dark blue; I really needed a solid color.

Even though the name was a bit iffy to me, the product photography looked promising and was what I was going for! So that makes this one practically a new Indochino review as I will be trying the home measurements instead of getting measured at their showroom.

I prefer a high risethe crotch and rise measurements were definitely off as they were taken from my belly button. I received an email from Indochino where they said to check for mistakes their ratios were off but I responded saying that this was intentional. After putting in my measurements, I selected the fabric and began work on my customization options. Since my aesthetic has changed in the past year or so, I decided to be a bit more garish adding things like pleats and patch pockets.

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Here are all the customization I requested:. However, some issues were apparent on arrival 4 weeks after I placed the order. The suit was too damn blue. You can see that the jacket and the pants fit extraordinarily well with the exception of the pant length but the color is just wrong.

I immediately gave them a call and explained the issue to them. The Indochino rep apologized for the color discrepancy and offered to remake the suit in a better shade of blue. They said that they would be able duplicate my customizations for the new order except for the lining, as they had sold out.

I went with a purple jacquard paisley instead.

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To account for the length issue, I went to my tailor and measured the trousers. After consulting with the amazing Mr.

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I sent this into Indochino and the remake was started. The jacket and pants fit perfectly the length was corrected but it was not to my liking. I called Indochino yet again and explain the situation to them.

I then learned that if you choose pick stitching as a customization, these details are present on the lapels, patch pockets, hem, and even the pants. That would mean that adding pick stitching myself would be expensive and an arbitrary detail for my tailor to make. I must commend Indochino for their customer service, since they decided to remake the suit again. After almost 3 months from placing the original order, I was finally satisfied. About time right?

Compared to my first ever attemptthis takes the cake. The fit is pretty okay and will definitely need to go to tailor. If only I received this suit on my first try.When it comes to buying a suit, the options are surprisingly limited as we found out when review all the best suits for men.

Today we wanted to not only provide a full review of Indochino and what they can offer to you, but how they really stack up to some of the other made-to-measure competition within the marketplace. But furthermore, we wanted to walk you through the options you have at your disposal when you do decide to go with Indochino which we think you will want to once you are done reading this reviewalong with a look at their return policy which is incredibly important should a suit not fit wellcoupon or promo code offerings, along with the general quality you should expect when purchasing from them.

This is NOT a paid review nor a sponsored post. Indochino did not pay us or communicate with us prior to this review being written. Well if you sweat profusely, the slightly thicker fabric will absorb your sweat a bit more gracefully while still making you look great although you should be wearing a good undershirt in the first place if sweat is a concern.

Of course, this shirt is geared towards the cooler climates i. Very much like the suit process that you will see in just a minute, when going with an Indochino shirt, you have total and complete control over the construction of it…. A quick look through the customization process you will see that you can modify the shirt collar:. For the men who like to roll up their sleeves and get dirty, Indochino dress shirts offer that extra design flair that makes a quality shirt look like it came straight from the runway:.

With 5 different trim options, you can pick a favorite Gingham pattern or solid color to really make your dress shirt stand out in a good way from the rest of your co-workers. Should you want one on the cuff or chest of your shirt, you can add up to three characters all at no additional cost. Once you are finally settled on a full suit and shirt, Indochino does offer a few key accessories that will bring an additional dimension to your overall style.

Within the Accessories section you can browse the following:. To make the suit selection process a fair bit easier, we went ahead and rounded up some of the more popular lines that Indochino offers:.

Great for just about any occasion, the Hemsworth strikes the right balance in fabric weight and composition. As you might have noticed in the picture above, the Hemsworth can be either purchased immediately or through a customization method. If you have a few minutes no more than 5 totalwe highly suggest that you go with the customization method β€” this way you can get a suit to your exact fit and preferences trust us on this.

Unless you plan on going to a super formal event in this case you likely would have selected the peak lapel in the previous selectiongo with either the one or two vented jacket. Jackets with no vents are largely suited for black or white tie gatherings and as Indochino has so nicely told us in the dialog box to the right β€” no vents are best suited for tuxedos.Suit will work, but better off buying off the rack and getting alterations.

Frustrating as I was measured in store. I've tried 5 other MTM companies and they were all much better fits with measurements I gave online. They have a low standard for a good fit and the quality is on the lower end.

Review of Indochino And Their Made To Measure Suits

Ordered a suit and 2 dress shirts. The suit pants are fine with alterations. The Jacket had to be remade and still really not that good of fit, tight in chest and arms.

Waiting on the second remake of shirts. Shirts were way too tight in chest and upper arms both times.

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After the first remake of the shirts didn't fit, the sales rep offered me store credit for a suit. Admitting you can't make the product you advertise, yet won't offer a refund. We had to come back 4 times because the tailor kept messing up the measurements, then finally after we got the suit the seam on the pants ripped open after the second time he wore it.

Do not use Indochino! Unskilled tailors, unprofessional. Pants of my suit came in ridiculous fitting, was remeasured and pants came back even worse! Now at week 3 after purchase. I am having my tailor do the alterations and having to pay myself. They shut down showrooms and tailors. They extended my tailor date 2 times and then promised to "monitor" the situation and "e-mail customers". I did not hear from them again and reached out to determine the status of my tailoring.

They say I missed the date and now won't honor their commitment. They never communicated with me except response to questions. Indochino has awful customer service and dishonorable leadership.

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Purchased custom suites for myself and my groomsman. We had a blast picking out our custom suits and tailoring it to our personal liking. They quality is great and they ship very quickly. Highly recommend purchasing a suit from Indochino. I recently visited an Indochino brick and mortar location to get a tux for my wedding. I have purchased a suit from Indochino in the past without issue, but I will never use Indochino again after my recent experience.

I went to the store to see the fabric in-person to make sure I was making the right decision. After deciding on the fabric, I started the process of buying the tux. Before the sale was completed, I asked the associate if I could purchase just the dinner jacket as opposed to the entire tux, and I was told that it was not possible. Trusting the associate, I went forward with the purchase and purchased an additional pair of tuxedo pants as well.

When I made it home, I realized that the dinner jacket was available on the website for purchase without the pants and that the associate who sold me the suit provided incorrect information.

Indochino's policy states that changes can be made within one business day of purchase, so I went to the website to request the pants be removed. The chat functionality was not working and the phone lines are down, so I submited a request via their web form since that was the only available option.Subscriber Account active since. When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Indochino began in as an online startup for made-to-measure suits, but it has grown into a premier destination for custom menswear essentials.

From suits and overcoats to chinos and dress shirts, the brand has changed the way people shop for formal and business casual attire for the better.

The brand offers personalized fits, a ton of customizable options, affordable prices β€” and it's all accessible from the comfort of your home or in-person at an Indochino showroom.

Indochino's flexible and convenient approach to tailoring strips away the notion that custom-made clothes are reserved for fashion elites or the wealthy. While standard alpha sizes can be a perfectly fine choice for certain types of clothing, custom-fitted garments are almost always a better choice for the more important wardrobe pieces.

Over the years, members of the Insider Picks team, including myself, have tried Indochino products and had a lot of success. Here's everything you need to know about the brand we recommend most for made-to-measure clothing. There are few ways to go about getting fitted at Indochino.

Once you have your measurements, you can complete the ordering process online. Alternatively, if you know exactly what you want, but need assistance with measurements, you can customize your suit online, and then make an appointment at a showroom to get measured and finalize your order. Visiting the store to place an order isn't absolutely necessary, but the resource is there if you need it. Indochino actually recommends that you get your measurements and complete the ordering process online at home, but there are a few instances where I think it's a good idea to go to the store.

Everything that I've ever custom-ordered at Indochino was made with exceptional quality. I've found each garment to match up with the measurements and fit I aimed to achieve. For example, when I had chinos made, I wanted them to be fitted and fall slightly above my ankle, and that's exactly what I received. I haven't been back for an alteration yet. Based on my experience wearing and reviewing troves of menswear brands, I can say that Indochino is a really great value.Easy to install and set up.

Will give a more detailed review after a few orders on how good the app can. There's a lot of apps out there which charge you for the type of service which Aftership provides for free.

Returns center was super easy to set up and has worked extremely well for our store. We love that a third party can hand. This is app Very user-friendly. Works as it supposed to.

indochino review gq

Very easy to use, handles all my returns perfectly RECOMMEND. AfterShip makes it easier for my customers to track their orders and saves me time to focus on running my business. Undoubtedly one of the most useful apps. Customer queries in regards to shipping has also dropped. This app has made it easy for my customers to locate their orders without any hassle.

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I like using this app. Its really easy to use and has cut down the work i have to do when handling returns. Havent had any issues with it so far. I can't find a reason to not give this app 5 stars.

It's just perfect for my store. I'm new to eCommerce and need all the help I can get. This is an excellent app that helps to keep track of orders, trans. A fun, cool way to keep your customers informed about their shipping progress!.

Great App, delivers a seamless link to our store and gives customers the confidence they need to give safe returns. I was looking for something like this, it is an awesome app, the way my costumers can now return the products its great. I love After Ship returns. This return center helps track and manage any returns.

indochino review gq

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