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In this tutorial, we'll learn how to create a fun 80's retro text effect in Photoshop, with shiny chrome and neon letters! To create the effect, we'll use Photoshop's layer styles, which will not only make things easy but will also keep our text fully editable. We'll use a Gradient fill layer to create a background for the effect.

And to finish things off, we'll add a few sparkles around the text using Photoshop's Brush Tool! Much of the retro effect will be done using gradients, and we'll be creating several custom gradients along the way.

To save time in the future, we'll save each custom gradient as a new preset. That way, the next time you want to create the retro effect, you'll be able to quickly select the gradients you need from the presets rather than having to recreate them all from scratch.

I'll be using Photoshop CC here but everything we'll be doing is fully compatible with Photoshop CS6 and with earlier versions of Photoshop. I'll also be using a couple of retro-style fonts that I downloaded from Adobe Typekit, available with most Creative Cloud subscription plans.

If you don't have access to Adobe Typekit, no worries.

80s Retro Poster

A quick Google search will find lots of free retro fonts you can use. Download this tutorial as a print-ready PDF! Let's begin by creating a new Photoshop document. Go up to the File menu in the Menu Bar along the top of the screen and choose New :. This opens the New Document dialog box. If you're using Photoshop CC, you'll see the newly-redesigned version of the dialog box.

If you're using CS6 or earlier, you'll see the older, traditional dialog box. Let's look at the Photoshop CC version first, and then we'll look at the older version. Don't worry, this will only take a minute. The redesigned version of the dialog box in Photoshop CC is made up mostly of a new area on the left where we can view and select thumbnails of preset document sizes for different types of projects Photo, Print, Web, Mobile, etc.

For this tutorial, you can ignore this new section. The only section we need is the Preset Details panel on the right where we find traditional options for creating our own custom document:.

For this tutorial, we'll create a document with a Width of pixels and a Height of pixels. Then, click Create to create the new document:. Again for this tutorial, set the Width to pixels and the Height to pixels.

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Click OK to create your new document:. Before we add our text, let's create a more interesting background for the effect.

To do that, we'll use one of Photoshop's Gradient fill layers. This opens the Gradient Fill dialog box. Click on the gradient color swatch at the top.

My color swatch is currently showing the Black to Transparent gradient.

80s Retro Text Effect With Photoshop

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how to make your pictures look like film in photoshop - tutorial

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80s photo effect

What's new New posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Filters Search. New posts. Search forums. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. How to create this vintage 70ss soft glam portrait effect?

Thread starter chuu Start date May 11, Tags 70s 80s glam help a beginner soft tutorial problem vintage. Messages 3 Likes 0. IamSam Administrator Staff member.

80s photo effect

Messages 17, Likes 11, Hello and welcome to PSG. IamSam said:. Messages 1, Likes It is always good to see a new member. Welcome aboard. I would suggest you make attempts following the video tutorials, and if you are stuck somewhere, get back with a screenshot and description - you will get help.

Otherwise, what you are asking for is vague and too general. I have attempted most of those video tutorials on the page. Everything I try ends up looking like a bad instagram filter lol.

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Like it kinda looks cheesy and artificial. Like it happened that way because of the camera it was taken with, not necessarily the editing. Okay - how about lets take the help of this video using the same image shown in the link?

Show us your image after following the instructions in the video and narrate to us what you do not like or what you want to look different. That way, as you get more specific, it is easier to help you out. Annagram22 New Member. Messages 1 Likes 0. Hey, The reason your not getting a good match in photoshop, is that most of the attached reference is achieving its look using practical effects.Sign Up. Languages English. All Images. Vector Illustration. Search by image.

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Next Page.One of the best ways to stay fresh, relevant and in-demand as a designer or illustrator is to learn from other talented creatives. Trust us, your future self will thank you Find out how to quickly and easily roughen the edges of your work in Photoshop with this short video tutorial. Learn to convert an image using the Threshold adjustment to make vintage art from any image with this 12 minute video tutorial. Another one by Marty from Blue Lightening TV — this time he shares some best-practice techniques for transforming a photograph into a classic, pop art-style comic page in this fantastic minute video tutorial.

Add depth to a flat-looking piece of digital artwork by combining textures with subtle shading and highlights. This tutorial shows you the Photoshop techniques you need. Tim Green walks through how to use photos to create surreal montages that have that authentic washed-out vintage look.

Ollie Munden and Harriet Seed cover a number of techniques for creating tattoo-style art, based on 50s rockabilly and navy motifs in this Photoshop tutorial, which walks through how to create a vintage-style poster.

Tom Kemp Starley reveals how to create a surreal, s-inspired composition using a mix of photos and graphics, the Warp tool, Curves and brushes. And how do you install them? Suzanne Sarver explains why tool presets are awesome and walks through how to get started with them in this helpful step-by-step tutorial. Matchbooks and matchboxes became popular as advertising vehicles in the s. Find out how to quickly recreate a vintage matchbook print effect using just a few textures and Photoshop filters and get your hands on a few quality free resources at the same time with this minute tutorial.

Add an organic, handmade feel to your designs with this video tutorial, which walks through how to create wood type effects in Photoshop. You can follow along using a free sample pack, which includes free Photoshop styles, brushes, splatters and even the background artwork for you to use however you like. Learn how to turn a photo of a person into pixel art as a fictional arcade game character from the early 90s. New York-based illustrator Kervin Brisseaux shares his techniques for creating a sports illustration with a retro-futuristic sci-fi look.

Damien Vignaux aka Elroy explains how to use faux 3D modelling and Photoshop texturing to create a striking vintage-style low-poly artwork. Create a worn out, low-saturation vintage beach ad with this beginner to intermediate level Photoshop tutorial. Combine images, textures, blending modes and adjustment layers to achieve a realistic vintage baseball card.

Find out how to create an Outrun-style retro-futuristic text effect from scratch in this Photoshop tutorial. Nail the basics and create stunning, vintage hand-lettering with this easy-to-follow tutorial. It comes with a pack of six free Photoshop brushes to help you get started…. Design Cuts walk through how to use intake design elements to create an ad for an old school garage and repairs shop in this helpful Photoshop tutorial. If you need some retro design elements to follow this tutorial, be sure to check out our collection.Fotor's photo effects can easily meet all your editing needs, inspired by different visual styles!

All of our exclusive and amazing photo filters have been developed by talented designers here at Fotor. Turning your images into beautiful shots with online photo effects in one click, Fotor is your magic wand. What's your favorite photo effect? Here at Fotor, our professional photo editor provides hundreds of online photo effects and filters for you to choose from.

Don't stop there, though. Fotor also offers other online photo editing tools: text insertionframesetc. Take them out to edit your image for a spin and create something unique in minutes. Free online photo effects are a great boon to the photo editor or creator on a shoestring budget. With Fotor's effect photo editor, budget isn't an issue. All you need to do is open your mind and let your imagination run free.

Then, add the photo effect you like to your images and touch your photos quickly. Do you want to post eye-catching photos on social media? Adding photo filters to your image is a good way to get your audience's attention.

Black and white photo effects will make your photo feel old, emphasizing the textures within. Blurring photos editor will add contrast among colors and highlight your subject. The artistic effect will help you realize your dream of being an artist and transform your photos into pieces of art.

Head over to Fotor and use those photo effects and change your photo's texture like a pro in just one click. Drag and drop your image, then click the photo filter you like, adjust the intensity and apply it. Now you can create masterpieces quickly and easily.If you regularly work on a certain type of projects, you probably have your workflow down path, which means you probably repeat the same steps over and over to achieve a specific result.

But for a workflow to be truly efficient, it should also save you time. Photoshop actions are nothing more than a series of tasks you can record and apply to a single file or a batch of files. They can be as simple as resizing an image and applying a color overlay to more complex such as resizing an image, adding a filter, applying an overlay, and renaming them according to a specific rule.

In most cases, Photoshop actions are used to achieve a certain effect to your images without spending hours recreating the effect from scratch every time. It is very easy to create your own vintage Photoshop actions. This will now open a new window offering you different options for creating your action. You can name the action and can place it in a set.

Alternatively, you can assign a shortcut to your created action for quick access.

Vintage Retro Photo Effect (example 1)

This will help you immediately activate the action in Photoshop, and you can use this option for those actions that you use on regular basis. Here, you should remember one thing that steps like selection sizes, saving, and other specific steps will be duplicated exactly in the action. Therefore, you need to be very careful in keeping your steps as generic as possible. In this way, you can apply them to the complete range of the image on which you want to apply your action to. Installing Photoshop actions is also very easy and there are several ways to install Photoshop actions.

This would be the easiest way to install Photoshop actions. This will also install downloaded actions into your Photoshop quite quickly. Installing Photoshop Actions Installing Photoshop actions is also very easy and there are several ways to install Photoshop actions.In love with photo effects?

Looking for fast ways to express your creativity? These Photoshop plugins are all you need to transform your photos into works of art without leaving your favorite image editor.

80s photo effect

As much as we want to get perfect images directly from the camera, post-processing is often needed. Photographers use photo filters and effects both to improve image quality and to completely transform their work according to their imagination.

Using the right tools, you can deliver artful photographs and express your creativity. Default Photoshop filters are dedicated to basic adjustments and common effects. You can combine them to create your own effects, but this takes time and energy. Instead, you can install the best plugins for your needs and finish your work in no time.

Photoshop plugins for photographers offer amazing effects and dedicated photo filters.

40 Free Photoshop Actions for Adding Vintage Effects to Your Images

Skylum develops Photoshop plugins for photographers. You can use them to enhance photo quality, add atmosphere, realize your artistic vision, edit HDR images, and more. Plugins from Skylum are easy to control, subtle and realistic, and match your vision perfectly. Skylum uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect and enhance specific areas of images. Luminar 4 Your photography. Replace the sky in your photos, instantly! Boost details with AI Structure. Discover more amazing tools in the new Luminar 4.

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Luminar Flex offers more than 70 creative Looks and more than 50 artificial intelligence-based filters. Flex allows you to retouch your photos, apply special effects, and completely transform your images. Luminar Flex allows you to control the intensity of filters and manually fine-tune the result. If you want effects that match your creative vision, Luminar Flex offers a panel of creative Looks along with quick previews.

Aged, Grunge, and Sun Rays are just some of them. As with filters, you can control the intensity of each effect, make adjustments, and personalize Looks. You can use Photolemur to enhance photographs with different styles. It comes with many creative looks and can work with multiple images at a time.

Photolemur offers dedicated photo filters for portraits based on AI Face Finish technology. You can use it to smooth skin and remove imperfections, whiten teeth, and enhance eyes. It also has dedicated photo effects for landscape photographs, including Sky Enhancement, Exposure Compensation, Foliage Enhancement, and Color Recovery. This is a great collection of actions if you want to give your photos a cartoonish look.

The bundle consists of 7 Ps actions and 40 add-ons. You can apply these actions to portrait photos to make them look like oil paintings, pixel game frames, color comics, stained glass shots and more. You can use the plug-ins in Photoshop SC3 and higher. Designed specifically for your drone photos, AirMagic offers photo filters and effects dedicated to aerial photography. You can use it to remove haze, enhance the sky, reveal details, boost colors, make lens corrections, and perform many other adjustments.

It also has predefined styles for creative effects and artistic perspectives. AirMagic automatically enhances your images using artificial intelligence algorithms.

All you need to do is tell it what you want.